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Lindsay Gammel

Lindsay Gammel is the founder of Katy Sports Performance Training.  He graduated from Texas A&M-CC with a B.S. in Kinesiology.  As a teacher and a coach in the Houston - Katy area, he has 16+ years coaching experience.  He has coached both junior high and high school athletes, as well as youth sports for his son and daughter.  Lindsay keeps up with the latest information and techniques through attending numerous clinics and in-services involving sports, health, and nutrition.  

CPR / First Aide / AED Certified

The Program

Our strength and conditioning program is designed to help young people improve at their chosen sports and provide the tools necessary to become a better all-around athlete.  We will focus on core strength, functional movement, balance, flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.  Our athletes will not only become better physically but will have more self confidence. 

Our football program is focus on teaching proper form and techniques our athletes can and will use throughout their football careers.  We work on perfecting the small things so the large ones look that much better. 

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